What is the future of Asian American Christianity?

Healthy leaders build vibrant congregations and faith communities with contextual competency. Also, by speaking thoughtfully about faith and modeling best practices, healthy leaders are also visionaries who invite fellow Christians to  engage the 21st century world with compassion and justice.

In order to support visionary leaders for Asian American Christian communities, we will provide resources for theological literacy and renewal. We believe that theological literacy and renewal at the every level of Asian American Christian leadership will give birth to visionary thinking and practices.

People and Ideas


Rev. Albert Yip

Rev. Albert Yip (M.A. Family and Community Counseling) volunteers as a Pastoral Care Counselor on behalf of HCLI. He helps pastors and church leaders who need a coach or a sounding board   to help them reflect on their professional ministry and life issues. He is the Senior Pastor of South Bay Bible Church and a missionary with Chinese Bible Mission. Contact him here!



Paul Yin

Paul Yin is a Chinese evangelical who encourages Christians to engage culture and society from a more constructive and positive approach. He blogs and co-authored Preaching another Gospel? (in Chinese). HCLI partners with Paul and others who envision theological renewal for Christianity as a whole, but, especially for Asian American Christianity. Visit his blog at: https://paulonchristianity.org


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