Why us?

The application deadline is July 15th. Download Emerging Leaders Program 2016-17 overview hereContact Tim Tseng if you have any questions.

This program is distinguished by two central assumptions about healthy ministry and leadership in Asian American settings in the Bay Area:

  • Christian leaders need tools for cultural competence and
  • Christian leaders need a supportive community of peers and mentors.

Indeed, the unique contexts for Asian American ministries – whether in Asian immigrant, pan-Asian, mainstream, or multicultural congregations/parachurch ministries – require targeted training that is not found in any seminary, megachurch, or parachurch curriculum today.

The Asian American Leadership Center’s Healthy Church Leaders Initiative has resources and personnel to offer this unique form of leader preparation for Asian American ministries.

The teaching team (2016-17):

The Emerging Leaders program is led by a team of skilled teachers and seasoned pastors who will provide training and mentoring for participants. The team includes Tim Tseng, Winsome Wu, Russell Yee, Steve Wong, Gabriel Tseng, and many others.

NOTE: We are always looking for ministry sites that can provide internships or exposure to our cohort members. Please contact Pastor Gabriel Tseng <tseng.gabriel@gmail.com>

The teaching team (Round 1)

Tim Tseng sm 2015

Tim Tseng


Winsome Wu

Russ Yee sm 2015

Russell Yee






The Mentors (confirmed – more on the way)

gabe tseng 2015

Gabe Tseng

Gabriel Tseng (Emerging Leaders Program internship and mentors coordinator) is Discipleship and Mentoring pastor at Crosswalk Church in Sunnyvale. He loves to empower and equip leaders to succeed. As a part of a multicultural staff, Gabe enjoys “enculturing” people into the community and allowing God to shape the church culture with new converts and new expressions of the faith. Gabe has one child (with one incoming). He loves coffee and networking and listening to stories and what God is doing in the lives of people: “I’m curious and a contrarian so there’s never a dull moment.”

Eugene Chu 2015

Eugene Chu

Eugene Chu has been serving as a Pastor at the Chinese Church in Christ in Milpitas since 1996. He has a M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and served on Staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for three years in San Diego.  He currently oversees the English ministry along the Youth Ministry Pastor and Children’s Pastor as well as the Missions Committee. His personal interests include playing golf and travel hacking and planning.


Version 2

Steve Hong

Steve Hong, former engineer, former missionary, and former pastor, founded a ministry called KingdomRice.org to provide tooling, theology, and training for field staff, pastors, seminarians, MFTs, and other leaders across different churches, seminaries, and parachurches with a urban, group-oriented lens. Steve’s material is aimed for those serving faithfully on the field and that’s where he’s seen the most fruit. His material is being used by Cru, Epic Movement, YWAM, the Navigators, and more. On the local front, Steve is a frequent speaker, mentor to missionaries and church workers, and collaborates with different groups and churches to increase their ability to reach the lost. To make all this happen, Steve sources from his commercial sales work (sfwoodrenewal.com) and scholarship that is able to critique default Western hermeneutics. The former keeps him on the “ground” and gives a great basis for his evangelism; the latter provides the theological backbone to boldly proclaim truth and advocate for undeveloped theology to support our present-day urban-Asian reality. Steve has been married to Cathy for 13 years and has a 9-year old son. 

His professional background can be found here. 

His ministry profile can be found  here.

brian hui 2015

Brian Hui

Brian Hui is Lead Pastor at Great Exchange Church in Union City and teaches ministerial ethics at Western Seminary. He’s been pastoring in Chinese & Asian-American churches for 14 years. As someone who didn’t grow up in a Christian family, he has a passion for figuring out how to follow Jesus authentically yet counter-culturally here in his native Bay Area. And desires to nurture and disciple leaders who want the same, especially Asian-Americans. He leans pacifist, but loves boxing. He loves pork belly. And he loves his wife and three boys.


brian leong 2015

Brian Leong

Brian Leong is the English pastor at Lord’s Grace Christian Church.  He has served at LGCC for 9 years along with his wife, Sylvia and two kids, BJ and Samantha.  Prior to serving at LGCC, Brian served on the mission field in China for several years.  He has been on the board of World Christian Fellowship, helped found a church network in the Peninsula called Hope101 and serves on the Alpha Omega Homelessness Task Force in Mountain View.  Brian’s passion is getting the church activated in living out the Word and learning how to live life with God.



Fred Mok

Fred Mok is the English pastor at Chinese Church in Christ – South Valley. He has served on staff for nine years and prior to full-time ministry, worked as a project manager for nine years at Hitachi and IBM. Fred blogs about gospel, culture, and ethnicity at breadbeforerice.blogspot.com. In the future, find his Asian American musings at nextgenerasianchurch.com. He has been married for seventeen years to Judy and has four children.


Sabrina Chan, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Peter Fong, Breakaway

Tim Tseng, Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church