How it works

The application deadline is July 15th. Download Emerging Leaders Program 2016-17 overview hereContact Tim Tseng if you have any questions.

Participants will walk through five learning opportunities over a 8-10 month period:

  1. A one-day seminar (or a series of 4-5 webinars) introducing the cohort to landscape of American Christianity, Asian American Christianity: Past and Future, stages of leadership development, spiritual formation of leaders, and the cultural contexts of ministry among Asian Americans. (September 17, 2016)
  2. Ministry site exposure. All cohort members will do one of the following: (1) Visit one or more Asian American ministry sites each month or (2) participate in an internship experience with a congregation or other ministry that ministers primarily to Asian Americans.
  3. Six to eight mentoring and/or coaching sessions with experienced pastors and church leaders to clarify calling, reflect on ministry site observations, and create a strategic plan for next steps.
  4. 3 additional 1 hour cohort sessions to be determined by the cohort members and facilitated by Tim Tseng (and others). These sessions will give the cohort an opportunity to build fellowship and prayer support. They will also a provide discussion forum for reading assignments, ministry site reflections, and assessment of mentoring/coaching experiences.
  5. A concluding celebration where participants will share what they learned from the experience (Spring 2017).