How Being a Cultural Alien is a Gift to the Church (Fred Mok) at the Bay Area Asian American Luncheon Oct 11, 2017

How Being a Cultural Alien is a Gift to the Church with Fred Mok

Presented at the Bay Area Asian American Pastors Network Luncheon on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 11:00 AM1:15 PM. Co-sponsored by the  Healthy Church Leaders Initiative, in partnership with Transforming the Bay with Christ.

THEME: Whether you’re in an ethnic or multi-ethnic context, what would it be like to re-purpose your pain as a cultural outsider to be a redemptive gift for the kingdom? A conversation with Fred Mok and other pastors and church leaders.

Fred Mok is the Associate Pastor at Garden City Church in Santa Clara. He is a 2nd generation Chinese American who has been married to his wife, Judy, for nineteen years and they have four children. Fred was spiritually formed at Chinese Church in Christ – South Valley in San Jose and spent ten years there as English Pastor. Prior to vocational ministry, he spent nine years as a project manager and business analyst at IBM and Hitachi. Fred has a B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and a M.Div. from Western Seminary. Here are a couple of Fred’s reflections:

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