Author Interview: Paranoid Science with Tony Alumkal

The recording for this webinar is also available here: [RECORDING]

Dr. Alumkal’s new book explores the Christian Right’s fierce opposition to science, explaining how and why its leaders came to see scientific truths as their enemy. For decades, the Christian Right’s high-profile clashes with science have made national headlines. From attempts to ban the teaching of evolution in public schools to climate change denial, efforts to “cure” gay people, and opposition to stem cell research, the Christian Right has battled against science. How did this hostility begin and, more importantly, why has it endured? Dr. Alumkal also highlights the consequences of the war on reality – both for the evangelical community and the broader American public. 

About the Author
Antony Alumkal is Associate Professor of Sociology of Religion at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado. He is the author of Asian American Evangelical Churches: Race, Ethnicity, and Assimilation in the Second Generation. He is a layperson in the Episcopal Church and his next book will be a critique of the popular “progressive Christianity’ movement.”

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