2015 Bay Area Chinese Christian Therapist Directory available

The 2015 Bay Area Chinese Christian Therapist Directory is available here. Dialects are listed.

2015 Chinese Christian Therapist Directory Bay Area.001

November 19, 2015

Dear Pastors,

One of the needs many Chinese churches are facing is ministering to members of their congregation in crisis or trouble. Sometimes the burdens these families face are beyond the resources of the church alone, and require the help of professional counselors. Depression, addiction, family conflict, abuse – these are real situations even among the family of God.

I understand that many pastors would like to refer their parishioners, friends, and family for trusted help, but don’t know where to turn.

As a resource to churches, I have compiled a list of Christian counseling professionals in the Bay Area, and also agencies that provide counseling services. These therapists have included their own profiles as a way for you to know who they are and the types of services they provide. In addition, many of these counselors can be contacted to give presentations and workshops at your church, to help equip the saints in administering God’s grace. It is my prayer that together we can build up the body of Christ.

This is the third edition of this directory, so please note that some contact information has been updated.

In Christ’s service,

Ann Lo, LMFT [email]

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